White Hat SEO VS Black Hat SEO, Who's The Winner ?

Someone once asked about the success of SEO techniques, on two techniques that we call White Hat and Black Hat SEO, they ask the second performance of this technique, if the technique is white and black technique is competing to be the winner, who will be the winner?

Maybe you already have a winner featured, certainly depends on the technique that you apply, if you apply the white hat SEO techniques, obviously you would be very supportive of this technique, but how do you that favor black hat SEO? may be the same as the first one.

Judging from the performance of both these techniques they both have advantages and disadvantages of each, I began to talk of white hat seo.

1. White Hat SEO
The advantage of this technique is a special award from google, google really likes people that use this technique, without hesitation google will provide page-rank on the blog managed to build this technique, a very popular technique used in engineering White Hat SEO is research keywords that represent SEO on Page, and also the influence of backLink representing Off Page SEO.

Disadvantages of this technique is difficult to understand by the author of a new blog, they sometimes learn this technique until they get bored and eventually surrendered to implement it on their website. Also in addition to difficult to implement this technique is very much use your time, and according to some people it is just a waste of time

2. Black Hat SEO
The advantages of the brother of White Hat SEO is the ease and speed, this technique can directly be excellent for the author of a new blog, which is the most popular used by new players is a technique of copying other people's articles, and re-post on another blog.

Disadvantages of this technique is the level of security is very bad, even google hates duplicate content, duplicate content is also a black hat SEO techniques. highly visible shortcomings of this technique is that many blog accounts were banned by google for applying the Black hat SEO techniques.

Both of these techniques such as angels and demons, good and bad sides whispering to each other in the ear of the blog author, returned to the theme that I take, if both of these techniques collide Which will be the winner? you must have an answer himself after seeing the advantages and disadvantages of both these SEO techniques.

Just like a movie, in the early to mid-movie, the bad guy is always victorious and make a good man slumped, but the end of the story the film is bad people die and lose, but a good man who became a winner and be happy.

All back again to your thoughts, apply what you want to apply, just give me a little understanding.

Thank you, please give a comment.
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