What is Smart Pricing? How dangerous is Smart Pricing?

What is Smart Pricing? How dangerous is Smart Pricing? Maybe you will ask questions like that when you start to hear the name of smart pricing, smart pricing itself is an automated program from Google Adsense with the aim of protecting the Google advertisers from the risk of loss because they have paid some money to Google.

Smart pricing acts by reducing the value of PPC and making it as small as possible on some of the products advertised by Google. Minimized here is the value of clicks for those advertisements made cheap because Google is afraid of customers (advertisers) losing out because they have advertised

why are advertisers losing money? We know for yourself that to get income from google adsense, the adsense publisher must get one or many clicks on the ads posted on the publisher's own blog, and usually when the advertised blog is accidentally clicked by a visitor, and the visitor closes the ad page immediately because feel wrong click, finally there is no activity on the site that is redirected from advertisements to the advertiser's site, for example purchasing goods or becoming a member or not even downloading at all.

Well, it is very clear that if the incident recurs, the advertiser loses because he has placed an ad on Google, because they will not get anything from the ad click, and they still pay for every click from the ad he posted on Google. As we already know that google adsense is very experienced in dealing with PPC, therefore google adsense implements the system as I mentioned above to minimize advertiser losses, and provide comfort to advertisers, and google adsense has also written them in the agreed SOPs advertisers and google adsense transparently

smart pricing is actually an automated program from google, and we also as publishers certainly do not want to feel loss with the value of PPC ads that we put into very small, well for this I have several ways to avoid smart pricing, including:

1. Improve Quality Blog Content This is the main requirement for your blog to participate with Google Adsense, quality content is content that provides many benefits for visitors, quality content is not a long content article, but a short and concise article, why should we make a long article but not clear and instead wordy. If you want to avoid smart pricing, it would be nice if you pay attention to the content that you are about to publish, if you've already published carelessly, you should start trying to improve the quality of your content.

2. Do not put ads on new blogs If you are already an adsense publisher, of course you are free to advertise there on your blog, even though your blog is fairly new, instead of wanting to earn more you will even be hit by a smart pricing attack, because you place ads on new blogs. New blogs certainly don't have many visitors, and even if you or many visitors are sure to just redirect your articles that you share on various social media, you should avoid advertising on new blogs to avoid smart pricing.

3. Increase Organic Visitors The best income of a blogger from google adsense is the number of visitors from search engines like google, this can increase the value of your PPC blog, because google knows if your blog is visited by many people from search engines, of course your blog is a blog that stores a lot of quality content.

4. Pay Attention to Your Ad Layout Ad layout also greatly supports the spread of Google Adsense smart pricing, the more your ads are stored at vulnerable points, the greater your risk of smart pricing and the smaller your PPC value, the more your income from Google Adsense. The critical point of placing adsense ads is the point where visitors allow wrong clicks on the ads stored on your blog, and therefore avoid placing ads that allow visitors to click wrong, make ads in your posts and in the sidebar of your blog, that's enough. Maybe that's all I can share this time, hopefully help and benefit and thank you very much for your visit.

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