A simple man who likes to learn and write down the experiences he gets on a blog.

About Us

Hello everyone, introduce me Aa Imam, I am an unemployed person who thinks, I was born from a mother and assisted by the support of a father, my mother is a woman and my father is a man.

I was born in this world, under a blue sky but without a rainbow because rainbow is the song Boomerang, I’m under 100 of course, and I’m a shy person, therefore I don’t want to post my photos here, because on Instagram and Facebook too many.

I am a writer on the Aa Imam Blog which will discuss all things that are interesting and informative for all of you.

In this blog I will discuss Blogging and SEO Techniques as well as blog or YouTube monetization.

I am not Mas Sugeng who is proficient at making SEO Friendly templates, I also bought templates from him, hehe, but I will also share free templates on this blog, yes semi premium templates.

I’m also not Ms. Indri the Juragan Cipir, because it’s clear that I’m a man, so it’s impossible for me, Miss.

We will be very happy if every article written gets feedback from its readers, therefore we are waiting for you to give us feedback through the comments column in each of our articles.

We do not limit feedback from you, even if it is negative as long as it is still classified as reasonable then we will publish it and we will also rebut it if it can be refuted, we will correct it if there is an error on our part, and we will also correct it if something goes wrong doesn’t match the facts.

Thank You,. Greetings Aa Imam Blog.